La di da chocolate Oreos- my new favourite sweet treat!❀️

Hello everyone,

Sorry it’s been a while : everything’s starting to kick in now with school about to start and all my birthday celebrations about to occur so I’ve been very busy I promise I’m not neglecting this blog!

Recently, the lovely company at la di da sweet treats sent me a set of their famous chocolate Oreos and I loved them so much I really wanted to share my opinions with you all. Yes this is sponsored but all opinions truly are my own! 😊

First off, the packaging was gorgeous and when I opened the delivery box I found it was full of confetti and this sleek white box showing the logo with a lovely purple ribbon tied in a bow holding the box together!

I had seen this company before as many love islanders had been promoting their products on social media so I feel very privileged to have been sent these products!

Also inside the box was a leaflet which showed all of the companies products one of which was their signature chocolate Oreos which I very luckily received.

The Oreos came in a box of 6 all with different designs and coloured chocolate on. My favourite was the white unicorn Oreo as it was so creative and a lot of fun to look at which made the product even more appealing!

Some of the Oreos were different flavours too: strawberry, mint and the usual which made it really interesting as to what flavour you would get but the colour of the Oreo usually gave you a hint.

Personally I loved the taste of these as much as I adored the presentation however due to the chocolate coating the whole Oreo one of these at a time was enough as they were quite sweet and would be quite sickly if you had too many!

Overall I really loved this product and want to said many thanks to la Di da for sending them to me! If you want to check them out you can find them at the social handles below:

Instagram: @ladidasweettreats


Twitter: @ladidasweet

Until next time😊

Perfect summer body sprays β˜€οΈπŸŒΈ

Hello guys,

In the next month or so sadly summer will be coming to a close and before that point I want to be able to share with you the perfect sprays for the summer months! Enjoy πŸ™‚

Hollister crescent bay-

As you can tell from the picture above this spray is all gone and I really need to purchase one again as soon as possible as it was my first hollister spray and my go to scent. For about Β£12 this is one of my pricier sprays but definitely worth it with the amount of product you get and how long it lasts. This juicy watermelon and lychee scent is so tropical and perfect for summer! πŸ‰

Bubble t summer fruits tea body spray-

This is also one of my favourites sprays and is very topical for this time of the year! You can get this from Superdrug for around Β£6 I believe and it comes in a 100ml bottle. I love the packaging as it is so cute and pink (my favourite colour!) If you haven’t heard of the brand bubble t before I would seriously recommend checking them out as they sell some seriously cool bathing products for great prices.

Soap and glory sugar crush body spray-

This was a spin off spray after soap and glory received great feedback from their original body spray ‘mist you madly’ but this time they decided to use the scent from one of their signature ranges ‘sugar crush’. This one of my favourite scents of theirs and is described as a ‘fruity lime twist ‘ and is packed with lemon oil, vanilla musk, lime, ginger and brown sugar. For Β£4 this is the cheapest spray I will show you and is great for the price you pay. The packaging is also really cute (pink again! Whoops can you see a recurring colour pattern 😏).

Soap and glory mist you madly body spray-

This is the original soap and glory spray that will always hold a special place in my heart. This is a floral and fruity fragrance which seems perfectly suiting for summer time and in my opinion wakes me up and leaves me ready and raring for the day ahead. Again at Β£4 it is at a very reasonable price and pink againπŸ˜‰!

Victoria’s secrets bombshell body mist-

I must admit at first I am unsure on the price of this as I got it in a small size as part of a set as a Christmas present from my cousins but I imagine being Victoria’s secrets at full size this could be quite pricey. Again a pink spray, this mist is amazing and is one of my go to’s. It is described as smelling of ‘passion fruit, vanilla and orchid’ which is again a perfect blend of summer scents. I believe in the uk you can purchase this from Superdrug now! πŸ™‚

Those are my favourite summer sprays! What are yours?

Until next time 🌸

Mario Badescu skincare: product review πŸ’†πŸ»

Hello again,

Today’s post will consist of me nattering on about one of my favourite skin care brands: Mario Badescu. Warning- I love them!!

Yes I only have 3 products from their brand but I used to have another one however it ran out and I’m not made of money :(.

I have:

The drying lotion

The facial spray with aloe herbs and rose water

The facial spray with aloe,cucumber and green tea.

And surprise surprise they’re all sensational!!!

Facial sprays-

I have 2 of the facial sprays however I believe they have a third scent too. My favourite is the pink however both smell great (very relaxing ) and are full of natural ingredients which are amazing for the skin. I use these just to give my skin a boost of minerals and glow or to set my makeup in place depending on the situation and they always leave me feeling smooth and fresh.

Drying lotion-

This is my favourite of the Mario Badescu products I have as you basically apply it on any blemishes or under the skin spots (a bit of the liquid and a bit of the pink powder) and leave it for several hours to sink into the skin. After a few days of applying this , you should see the spots start to go down and eventually disappear and for me this has worked wonders. I hardly have any bad blemishes due to this and if I do they are gone in the next day or two.

Overall I love this brand to pieces and will definitely be purchasing a few more of their products in the near future.

You can buy any of these products either from urban outfitters or beauty bay in the U.K.!

Until next time❀️

My favourite bronzers!

Hello everyone,

Today will be another beauty related post and on the topic of bronzers: an essential during summer to give you that bronzed beach look that everyone desires. Here are just a few of my favourites. πŸ™‚

Benefit hoola bronzer-

This bronzer is actually talked about quite a lot but I can see why as it’s amazing! Being a more expensive bronzer at around Β£26, it can be costly but it is easily blend able and buildable too. It only comes in one shade which isn’t too dark as my pale face can use it however if you are looking for a lighter option, benefit also do the ‘hoola lite’ bronzer too!

Kiko mini divas baked bronzer in ’01’-

Compared to the hoola bronzer, I would say this is a more natural and lighter shade of bronzer. It blends really nicely once applied leaving no harsh lines and is great for pale skinned people like me! Also kiko being a drugstore sort of brand this product is fairly cheap too and it is super portable to take with you due to its size!

Too faced cocoa powder foundation in ‘medium’-

Yes I know this is technically meant to be a foundation but I bought a shade too dark for me and being a powder substance I thought it would only be suitable to make use of it as a bronzer instead and it actually works surprisingly well! This is particularly good for after I’ve been on holiday as it is a better colour for my skin but it blends like a dream despite being in the pricier range.

Collection contour kit highlight and sculpt-

This is actually a duo by collection with a bronzer and a highlighter in and I love both parts so much! The bronzer is the perfect shade to compliment and sculpt my face and works surprisingly well despite the cheap price of Β£4. If you’re looking for a bronzer on a budget I would definitely recommend this as you get a highlighter too!!

And those are some of my favourites bronzers! If you have any you would like to share with me leave a comment below as I’m always looking for new products to add to my collection.

Until next time 😊

My morning routine summer 2018🌸

Hello everyone,

Today I have the highly requested summer morning routine post for you all: I hope you enjoy!

When I wake up I will stay I bed for an hour or so just checking on all my social media handles on my phone and reading my book which is currently letters to the lost and I am loving!

My social media’s are:

Instagram: @lilymyaax


21 buttons: @lilymyaxo


After that I will get out of bed, go downstairs and make myself breakfast which is normally toast unless my dad treats me and makes a bacon sandwich (yum!). Brushing my teeth is next and then I will look at my planner and check my schedule and goals for the day.

Being a good child, I then make my bed which has an awful lot of teddies on it and get changed and do my makeup (if I feel like doing my makeup that is).

However if I don’t use makeup I will go downstairs to the bathroom and use a facial wash instead. At the moment I am loving the boots essentials face wash.

Next I do some blog work which could involve commenting on other bloggers posts or writing and scheduling my own posts for the future!

Then at about 11ish if I am doing anything I will get ready to go out for the day.

Very simple I know but that is my morning routine of summer 2018 (it probably won’t change muchπŸ˜‚).

What do you do in the mornings? Let me know below.

Until next time😊

My go to summer lippies!

Hello my lovelies!,

Since summer is still very much upon us and we want to make the most out of the sun and its rays, I thought i would share with you all my favourite lip products for the summer months! I find they are all so cheerful and bright enough to add a little sparkle to your day.


MAC lipstick in ‘creme cup’-

This lipstick was my first ever mac lipstick nearly 3 years ago and i still adore this shade! A cremesheen finish, this light peachy pink has a gloss like finish making the lips look really fresh and moisturised and the lasting power is amazing. It sits on the lips really nicely and doesn’t feel heavy at all! This shade is also really buildable so it can be really subtle or dramatic depending on what you want.

I heart revolution lip geek in ‘love the confidence’-

I love this vibrant red based pink shade from makeup revolutions i heart makeup range. This feels really comfortable on and is a bit of a brighter shade compared to the mac lipstick which is perfect for things such as festivals and days out with friends. This lipstick is so pigmented and glides onto the lips easily. If you want a cheaper summer lipstick, this is definitely a good one to purchase as it is currently Β£1 on the makeup revolution website.


Revlon colourburst lip butter in ‘080 strawberry shortcake’-

This has a different formula to any other lip product i’ve tried! Its exremely smooth and moisturising and almost acts as a lip balm but with a colour to it! The shade of this lip butter is similar to that of the mac lipstick in the sense of being a light pink shade however it is more vibrant and would definitely make your makeup ‘pop’!

Soap and glory sexy mother pucker lipgloss in ‘candy queen’-

This is the first gloss that i have mentioned and may not be one for everyone due to the tingling sensation that takes place on the lips once when applied however I quite liked this. The colour is very natural and isn’t too buildable but is perfect for everyday use as it is not too dramatic. It’s a gorgeous peachy pink with silver and gold shimmers and looks gorgeous in the daylight.


missguided gloss boss lipgloss-

I’m afraid this lipgloss doesn’t have a shade name to it but it’s a beautiful coral pink shade which looks really thick in the packaging but comes out really opaque on the lips. On the lips it feels prehaps a bit too sticky but nothing a bit of blotting can’t fix. Silver shimmers run throughout which really adds to the product and this gloss lasts for ages. In addition, being from missguided the packaging of this gloss is really aesthetic and gorgeous!


p.s. Sorry about my stubby little nails now I’ve taken my acrylics off. I’m trying to grow them i promise!

I hope you all found this useful and I would love to hear your reccomendations of good summer lip products.

Until next time😊

Making smoothies with izzy πŸŒπŸ“

Hello everyone,

Today’s post will be a short but sweet tutorial on the smoothies I made when I slept over my friends house recently. They were so delicious and easy to make and smoothies are an excellent way of eating healthy without even thinking about it too much!

The ingredients used are:




Orange juice

Greek yogurt

To start wash the fruit and chop the bananas and strawberries up a bit. Then chuck all the fruit into your blender.

Afterwards add as much orange juice as sufficient and finish by including some Greek yogurt before firmly securing the lid and blending until ready!

I absolutely love this smoothie and will be having it a lot more often and think you guys should try it too!! Let me know what you think 😘

Until next time ☺️